"you are so brave and quiet i forgot you are suffering."
-ernest hemingway




Types of people who romanticize small town life:

  1. People who didn’t grow up in small towns



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I’m sorry for letting you fill a void of loneliness,
when you wanted to fill a void of love.

- Your Love Was Only A Crutch by Robi Foli (16/30 for NPWM)

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My panic attacks cost my parents six thousand dollars,
or at least that’s how my mom put it.

I’ve only had six thousand dollars once before.
When I was buying my car,
my mom got the money from the bank
and she told me to put it in my purse so that no one would see it.

I know what six thousand dollars feels like,
and it doesn’t feel like not being able to stop crying for two hours.
It doesn’t feel like being drunk on pain
and it doesn’t feel like your mouth is stitched shut.
It doesn’t feel like leaning too far back in a chair
and it doesn’t leave scratches on your arms and legs,
with blood stuck beneath your fingernails.

Six thousand dollars has never made me drive down a windy road,
going seventy miles per hour in the rain.
Six thousand dollars has never made giving up my whole life seem sane.

I guess it cost my parents six thousand dollars to stuff my panic attacks into my purse,
but the difference is that I am powerless
and a panic attack feels a hell of a lot heavier in my hands
than a lousy stack of money.


Six Thousand Dollars by Robi Foli (via stre55ed)

I’m giving a speech on Panic Disorder tomorrow. Please Lord, let this be a speech and not a demonstration. 

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Embroidery on photos isn’t anything new, but Jose Ignacio Romussi has made it look absolutely terrific.

Brad Pitt, 1988