"you are so brave and quiet i forgot you are suffering."
-ernest hemingway


Borough of Jim Thorpe 1/4

let me just park my fucking squid
I don’t know how to describe the aching pangs of loneliness and I can’t quite touch the nose of vacancy, but I feel a lot like a cupboard full of food with no one to feed.
I am broken eggshells with no yolks,
a snow angel with no body to fill me in,
a pool of water with no one to soak me up.
I am a musician playing to an empty room,
a movie playing to an unsold theater.
I am a frozen water bottle, unable to give.
I am a four year old ballerina in a pink tutu, with a salty tear-stained and pillow-marked face, who has woken up to a silent house.
I am dust to be swept outside and to be forgotten before the wind even blows me away.
I don’t know how to describe the aching pangs of loneliness, but they feel a lot like watching someone leave, when you’ve asked them to stay.

- The Aching Pangs Of Loneliness by Robi Foli (11/30 for NPWM)

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Wes Anderson, by Laura Wilson (1993)

I’m sitting in E Street Cafe in Encinitas and this guy just came in and sat down at the piano and started playing. Right now he’s playing a fabulous version of Pure Imagination… and I might start crying cause its so beautiful and I wish that was me… 

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grow your hair
let your skin breathe
touch plants
read poetry

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Enjoying one more cup of coffee before meeting up with some cute people (for a coffee date no less).

85% nature

                         HAPPY RECORD STORE DAY EVERYONE :D

aaaagghhhh so much love 💕📀 I bought a Loose Fur cd, then walked outside & saw this on the wall #jefftweedy #loosefur #wilco #recordstoreday #encinitas (at Lou’s Records)